TAZ 5 Wrong printer detection in Cura 3.2.27


Borrowed a TAZ 5 from a friend. I installed the latest Cura software (3.2.27) on my Win7 machine and got the printer to move with the manual control on the device itself. However, when using the TAZ5 profile, single extruder with default settings untouched and I try to connect to the device it closes the connection and leaves the message “Wrong printer detected, starting a print with the incorrect printer selected may damage your printer. You can disable this check in application settings.”

I installed a missing driver for the rambo board for windows 7 and got that it connected on a com port. And I am sure it is a TAZ 5 lulzbot printer also :smiley: What can I do to diagnose what is wrong with the connection from within cura and, if possible, remedy it so that i can make prints from the pc.

When you installed the latest version of Cura on your computer, did you then flash the firmware to the Taz 5 with it? If you are not sure hot to flash the firmware on the machine, you will select the printers name from the upper right corner of Cura, and then select Manage Printers from the drop down menu. This will open a preferences window and from there you will want to make sure that the Taz 5 is highlighted in blue. You should see a button to the right that says Update Firmware, you will want to select that and Automatically Upgrade Firmware.

I followed the instructions and above and everything is fine. I did not do a firmware upgrade due to connection problems but apparently I should have :smiley: Glad to see it fixed rather easily.

thank you for the help