Taz 5 extruder suddenly not getting all the way to temp

I am running a print tonight with amphora 1800. Hot end is set to 235, but after initial heat-up, it dropped to 215, and seems to be staying there. The print seems to be coming along just fine, but the temp is stuck. I’ll try manually setting the temp after the print is done, and failing that put on one of my spare print heads, but is this a heater cartridge problem most likely, or something on the control board?


So, if I manually pre-heat the head, it heats up just fine. Going to run another print and watch the temp.

Could be something in your start script. Are you using Cura? Can you set the Temp during the print?

Go into expert menu and switch to “full settings” in cura and look at the “basic” tab for the profile (accept the prompt to copy values over). It uses the “printing temperature” and “bed temperature” temps set there, even if you manually set them on the print screen. Once you hit “print” it will revert to and use the original settings in the profile. It used to respect whatever you entered on the print screen and use those values regardless of what was in the profile, but the most recent version seems to have changed that.

Oddly enough, it only did it that one day. The rest of the prints have been fine, so I’ll just have to keep an eye on it. I use s3d. But thanks for the info, I’ll keep that in mind.

Have you changed fan setups recently? Specifically was the fan on 100% from the start of the print? You may be over overcooling your heater block and it can’t keep up.