TAZ 5 - Nozzle Temp Not Set With GCode

I’ve been loving my TAZ 5 for over a year and a half now without much issue beyond user. Recently though I have an issue finally…

When I export GCode to the SDCard from Cura 21, it does not set the nozzle temp on the TAZ anymore. I thought commenting out the GCode would work for the temp settings but instead it just wants to immediately print before it heats up. Before it used to register the temp setting in Cura and would heat up until that point.

I’ve flashed the firmware with Marlin which was already installed and working just fine. Again, I uncommented the temp settings as a thoughful fix in Cura for the GCode about bed and nozzle temp but that made situations worse.


When printing from Cura, you are able to set the temp in the control window. When using the SD card all settings for temperature will have to be set through the LCD display. Once the temperature is up to operating temperature, then you can select start print.
You are not experiencing an error, just the way it works.

So then what you’re saying is my TAZ 5 has been broken for 1.5 years now and finally now it just started working? That can’t be the case.

I just realized maybe we’re not on the same page, I’m using Cura to export to GCode which is saved to the SDCard. Not sure how else you could print from an SDCard though…

I have always been able to print directly from my SDcard within the panel’s option “Print from SDCard” using the GCode stored on the SDCard and it will then set the nozzle and bed temp. It will then say it is heating until it is completed. It also has always set the temps to the GCode setting, not the ABS setting on the printer. This is with 2-3 different firmware versions since I’ve had this unit.

I can override the temp with the ABS setting after I choose to print, or I can set the ABS temp before I choose to print then I can print from the SDcard and it will then change to the temp setting in there.

That’s how it used to all work. Now my only option is to manually set the temp then print.

Ok so I uncommented the line and edited the GCode improperly. It is now uncommented correctly and Cura exported the temps to the GCode correctly this time so we’ll see if the TAZ doesn’t just start behaving like it used to… Will figure that out soon.

Cura Start GCode:
M190 S{print_bed_temperature} ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line
M109 S{print_temperature} ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line

Resulting GCode:
M190 S110 ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line
M109 S237 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line

By default, our stock profiles have those temperatures set to zero. After importing the profile to full settings, you can set your bed and hot end temp in the basic tab settings. The start gcode you changed will automatically import whatever you put in those boxes. (Should help save time as opposed to manually editing the gcode.)

We do this as there can sometimes be a conflict reaching EXACTLY your set temperature. (204.999C does not equal 205C) This can lead to long wait times at the beginning of the print. If you manually pre-heat the bed and hot end, you can click print once heated (within a degree or two) and it will instantly start.

Either way you would prefer to run the printer will be fine, the choice is yours!

I enjoy the lazy process of using the GCode file since I already spent enough time validating my settings and it’s a bit faster than the knob :wink:

Still thank you for confirmation and I’ll give my final confirmation later on when I am ready to test it out.

This should also go to say that in 1.5 years this is the only issue and complaint I’ve really had. Except the pizzo fan sound, that was interesting. VERY happy TAZ owner :smiley:

So I got to test this today and with the start GCode in Cura uncommented, the G-Code written to the SDCard is correct as you can see below. The nozzle temp is still not being set by the GCode though. It remains set at zero but the bed temp has been getting set every time. I really don’t understand this one…

M190 S110 ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line
M109 S237 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line