converting to a taz 5

I have upgraded my taz 4 to a taz 5 and everything is working except that I still have to manually set the temperature through cura or choose the filament from the menu on the lcd screen on the machine, wait for everything to heat up and then tell it to print. With the mini I choose the filament on cura and press print and it heats up properly and prints when everything is ready. Is there a way to set the temperatures in cura for the taz five to work the same as the mini? I was able to change the z and e steps on the lcd and then store them permanently, but I cant figure out how to store the filament/ temp settings. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

If you switch to full settings in Cura, you can set the temperatures there. These temperatures will save to an .ini file if you save the profile. This should produce a result similar to what you are used to with the Mini. The problem is that the default TAZ Cura profiles generally leave the temperatures at 0C.

Storing the temp settings from the LCD requires that you go into the Custom Temperature menu and scroll to the bottom where you will find the filaments supported by the current FW load. Enter the menu for your filament and change the temps. (Don’t forget to Save the changes.)