Taz 5 Vinyl Cutter attachment

I’ve just ordered a Roland blade holder and several blades to begin the process of developing a way to mount the vinyl cutter tool head to the Taz 5. I also plan on making an adapter for my CNC router for larger pieces.

Current thoughts:

*Make blade holder that can easily attach to existing toolhead / x-carriage mount
*need a cutting surface to protect the PEI
*some sort of tacky glue to hold the vinyl down

Those large green and yellow gridded self healing cutting mats are thick enough to remain secure on the taz bed if you slip them under the bed hold down tabs. then you can just use double sided tape as needed. I can export the design files for my dial gauge indicater holder base if you want to use that as a platform, just let me know what file format works best.

I have a 36" vinyl cutter, and am thinking of how to tackle the issue of different cutting pressure required for various materials. I’m also MUCH newer to 3D printing than I am to vinyl cutting.

Cool idea. Bookmarking this topic.

If I remember right, slic3r has a “lift on perimiter change” setting of some sort that you can tell it to make a Z axis move to a next section. So your starting pressure would be whatever you set it to by adjusting the starting z height.