Taz 5 with SL 0.25mm tool head

Hi all, I just had to replace a lot of parts on a Taz 5 machine and decided to give the SL tool head a shot. I printed and moved the heatsets over to the new corners, but am running into what seems like a very large issue. I can’t home my machine! The extruder strikes the bed corner before being at the proper height for Z-stop.

Are there other bed retainers with a countersunk screw head? Speaking to Lulzbot tech support I was assured this would work with my Taz 5 with the parts I ordered with it (and the 4 corners I had to print)

Reach out to the support team for help, include pictures of your Z-axis homing endstop, and pictures of what you’ve replaced: https://LulzBot.com/Support.

I just ran into exactly the same problem. Check it out:

When using the new tool heads, our TAZ 5 users will need to print and install the low profile bed fingers to allow the tool head to move over these parts.

The STL for these files can be found on our download page.

If your socket cap screws are still too high, you may need to pick up some socket round M3 screws or some counter sunk ones.