Taz 5 with SL 0.25mm tool head

Hi all, I just had to replace a lot of parts on a Taz 5 machine and decided to give the SL tool head a shot. I printed and moved the heatsets over to the new corners, but am running into what seems like a very large issue. I can’t home my machine! The extruder strikes the bed corner before being at the proper height for Z-stop.

Are there other bed retainers with a countersunk screw head? Speaking to Lulzbot tech support I was assured this would work with my Taz 5 with the parts I ordered with it (and the 4 corners I had to print)

Reach out to the support team for help, include pictures of your Z-axis homing endstop, and pictures of what you’ve replaced: https://LulzBot.com/Support.