Lulzbot Mini Connectivity issues

I just got a Lulzbot mini, and I am having connectivity issues. Each time I try to connect it says that the machine is not responding and to check if the firmware was loaded in. Every ten or so tries it will connect, and then when I print it gets partway through the leveling sequence, and then disconnects and starts cleaning the nozzle. Any advice or idea what this could be? Ive tried it with multiple cords and am fairly certain the problem isn’t with my computer USB port.

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got the same issue. wanna follow this thread if you don’t mind

What firmware, what version of Cura LE?

This seems to be a common problem with the old Minis, so I’m not sure there’s an incompatibility with the newer versions of Cura LE, or if the Rambo Mini boards just are not aging well.

See if the machine works when using the version of Cura and firmware that it was shipped with.

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Ive spent the last couple of days trying to get the old firmware on the mini but I have no clue what I am doing as I am a noob. Is there a video or a quick tutorial for how to flash the old firmware?

I think you are on to something. I just used the SD Card on my Taz 6 that’s having all sorts of issues and loaded a print from a few months ago. Its loading up fine now and printing!

I got the firmware on the mini, and now it connects fine. I am able to extrude and move everything around, but when I try and print the connection times out. Not sure if its because I am using cura 4.13.3 or something else. I couldn’t get the old version of cura to work but I will keep trying. Let me know if you have any other thoughts.

I am having the same issue on my Taz 6. Worked fine until recently.

i got a question which version of the Lulzbot mini is it?

Not 100% sure as its second hand, but after doing a little research I’m pretty sure its a 1.04

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Is there a github, or a place that I can get all the firmware and cura software to test different versions of both until it works?

You can find some older versions of CuraLE here. CuraLE 3.6.40 can be found here. Older versions of CuraLE contain older versions of the firmware that are compatible but you can also find older versions here.

I don’t believe that you will need more old versions than that. Lots of Mini 1.04 out there and Marlin was pretty stable on all the LulzBot printers.

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Awesome, with cura 3.6.21 and its firmware I have started having more success. Thanks for all your help!

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