TAZ 5 "Y" scaling issue

Hello all,

I have been working hard trying to “fix” the “Y” scaling issue I’m having with my TAZ 5.
When I print a 1" x 1" x 1" cube it comes-out as X=1.0, Y=1.26, Z=0.72

At first I only had issues with Y, now I’m also having issues with Z.

A bit of history:
I acquired a well-used TAZ 5 from a service bureau. At first it worked relatively well, then all of a sudden, the “Y” scaling issue appeared, then the LCD went out. So in a very systematic approach I replaced the following items:

RAMBo board
LCD display
“Y” axis bearings and blocks (all 4 of them)
“Y” stepper motor
“Y” stop switch
Extruder - upgraded to the Dual Extruder V3
Updated Cura to 3.2.32 and re-flashed the RAMBo
Acquired, installed, and used Simplify3D

No difference in solving the “Y” axis scaling with any of the aforementioned changes.

The help desk at Aleph Objects as a group are stumped. They suggested I reach-out the the form.

So, has anyone encountered these issues? Aside from replacing the remaining harnesses, there is nothing more I can do…

Kind regards,

The one thing I don’t see mentioned is checking the steps for the axis. They can be set through the control on the taz. X and Y should have the same steps if I remember correctly and Z is much higher due to the drive rods. The steps on my Taz6 are X100.50 Y100.50 Z1600.00 and I would assume the Taz 5 would have similar steps

If you applied a new firmware and that didn’t fix the issue, I’d suspect your wiring harness or possibly the motor controller chip. If the Y axis motor has one of the 2 motor coils unpowered, it may still be able to move, just not as well as it normally would. If you are printing slow enough it may even look somewhat like the object you are printing. Check to see that the wire harness has continuity from end to end, and consider replacing the motor as a precautionary step. Also check that the pully has all its setscrews and they are tight.

If the harness is fine, and the firmware is correct, it has to be the board.

The “Y” scaling issue cropped-up late last year. My immediate work-around was to create 1" cube and measure the X,Y,Z and scale the stl file. This did produce desired results, but why have to do that?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear in mentioning that the RAMBo was replaced about a month ago, along with the LCD panel. Yesterday I replaced the “Y” stepper motor and limit switch along with all 4 bed bearings and bearing housings.

I did check the steps/mm and they are correct: x=100.5, y=100.5, z=1600.

The “Z” axis scaling may be a different issue; as it has just recently occurred - i’m thinking it may be adjusted in the Cura configuration file (hopefully).

Continuity tests positive on all harness wires.

I am still perplexed :frowning: WHat else can I possibly do to affect this “Y” scaling?


Have you checked the voltage output from the power supply? The bed is heavy to move and if the stepper is under powered it could cause an issue but I don’t think it would be a repeatable issue like you are mentioning.

No, that seems reasonable; I’ll try that tomorrow.