TAZ 6 Archim2 CURA LE 3.6

Hi all

I have converted my TAZ 6 to the Archim2 controller and I was wondering if anybody has an ide how to “enable” the USB-print from CURA LE 3.6 again?
I can connect to the TAZ and run commands through the console.
When I try to USB-print 2 messages pop up:
first “Wrong printer detected…” → developer setting show suppress this?
USB-print message1
second “The printer has restarted or lost power”
USB-print message2

Has anybody any tips how to fix this or a recommendation for an alternative slicer?

I am using Prusa Slicer with much better results than I ever had from Cura. I am also on an Archim2 converted TAZ6.

Hi Jason

Thanks for the reply.
Is there anything special to the converted Taz6 to work with Prusa Slicer?
Do you use the original bed leveling sequence?

Kind regards

Sebastian…I use a BLtouch so my starting gcode is a bit different.

I do believe there is a built in profile for the TAZ6 that will get you started.

What kind of firmware are you using?
Do you use the BLtouch with the original extruder or a different design?

Marcio’s Drunken Octopus firmware.
I am using the BLTouch with an ITWorks3D E3D Titan Aero toolhead.

I made this BLtouch mount a few years ago but I think there are some others that have been designed over the years.

Hi Jason

Sorry, have been on vacation and on a trip with work.

I have now succeeded to print the ITWorks E3D Titan Aero toolhead after several tries.

So I have some questions:

  • which firmware are you using, CecropiaSilk_SingleExtruderAeroV2?
  • how do I set up the BLTouch, do this setup need a matrix-leveling gcode, what’s the advantage?
  • do you need to adjust the extruder stepper motor current, I will use the E3D slim line stepper motor


Sorry didn’t remember to ask about the Prusa Slicer setup.

Have installed the software on my laptop and its impressive, maybe a little bit intimidating.
Would you share your setup?
I’am a little bit confused by all the options in the software.
Are there predefined filament profiles?


Precisely I am using this firmware build:


Here is my gcode for creating a matrix. I just plug this into the “Bed Visualizer” OctoPrint plugin where you can trigger a routine to update the mesh. You may want to modify the bed temp based on your typical printing profile with the M190 Sxx command.

G28 ; home all axes
M420 S0 ; Turning off bed leveling while probing
M155 S30 ; reduce temperature reporting rate to reduce output pollution
M190 S85 ; wait for the bed to get up to temperature
G29 P1 ; automatically populate mesh with all reachable points
G29 P3 ; infer the rest of the mesh values
G29 P3 ; infer the rest of the mesh values again
@BEDLEVELVISUALIZER ; tell the plugin to watch for reported mesh
M420 S1 V ; enabled leveling and report the new mesh
G29 S1 ; Save UBL mesh points to slot 1 (EEPROM).
G29 F 10.0 ; Set Fade Height for correction at 10.0 mm.
G29 A ; Activate the UBL System.
M500 ; save the current setup to EEPROM
M155 S3 ; reset temperature reporting
M140 S0 ; cooling down the bed

In Prusa Slicer I use this start gcode:

; This gcode has been hacked together by Jason to incorporate ABL
M73 P0 ; clear GLCD progress bar
M75 ; start GLCD timer
G90 ; absolute positioning
M82 ; set extruder to absolute mode
G92 E0 ; set extruder position to 0
M140 S{bed_temperature[0]} ; start bed heating up
M190 R{bed_temperature[0]} ; wait for bed to get to temp
M104 S160; start warming extruder to 160
G28 ; Home all axis
G29 A ; enable ABL
G29 L1 ; Load saved mesh from bank 1
G29 J2 ; 4 point tilt mesh
M109 R{first_layer_temperature[0]} ; wait for extruder to reach printing temp
M117 TAZ 6 Printing… ; progress indicator message on LCD

The key here is to save and load the same matrix with the G29 S1 and G29 L1 commands.

I did not modify the stepper current.

Let me see if I can export and post my Prusa config. I really just use PETG and PLA and have tuned those profiles myself.


Let me know if you have specific questions about the commands in the gcode for creating a matrix and the start gcode.

Thanks for all the help.

Found this BLTouch mount:

Then the next questions:

  • did you reuse the wiring harness from the original extruder or made a new one?
  • use 5V original heatsink fan or the 24V version from the Titan Aero Kit ->would require to get 24V from the AUX-connector on the Archim2


I used the original harness for all things on the extruder then added additional wires for the BLtouch.

Hmm…I think the toolhead I have was made for the Taz so the fan voltage was accounted for in Zach’s design.