TAZ 6 Disable Wipe Function


I am attempting to use Klipper to run my TAZ 6. The printer homes perfectly to the button and presses it without issue. However, when the printer attempts to wipe it presses HARD into the wiper and has made a big dent in the pad and melted/bent some of the printed plastic.

Since the wipe feature is arguably useless, I want to disable it all together. I have removed the wiping GCODE from both the slicer GCODE and Klipper config. The printer continues to try and wipe. Where is it still getting the instructions to wipe???

I’ve seen the wipe represented two ways in their start gcode, one is a single G12 and the other is a series of G1 commands to wipe back and forth (and do a little wiggle). See if maybe those are still left behind in your start gcode.

Posting your printer.cfg (and all the supporting macros) would help, but it sounds like as @zenotek said, you still have either the G12, or manual G1 commands to wipe as part of your slicer startup GCODE.

With Marlin, if the probe fails, it forces a re-wipe, so there’s a possibility that’s been reproduced in the printer.cfg you are using by whomever made it.

But if you’re doing Klipper, spend an extra $15 on a BLTouch clone and use ABL instead of the washers. You’ll be glad you did.

Deleting the “G12” entry from the slicer Start G-code fixed this. Thank you.