Taz 6, Mini Bed Adjustment

On my taz 6 I noticed some longer prints first layer where inconsistent as far as extrusion appearance. I printed http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:551366/ and did some tests.

Reading inches Coordinates(x,y,z)
0.034 0,284,6
0.033 280,284,6
0.039 280,7,6
0.031 0,7,6

It seems that the autolevel is not able to compensate for this difference and the bed as far as I can tell is fixed. How can I correct this?

on my mini, I noticed that one of the wires under the bed was hitting one of the bolt heads that mounts the aluminum plate to the bearing blocks. This was bowing the bed slightly and the bed level cannot compensate for a bow. I moved the wire a little and it helped a lot.

Not sure if the Taz 6 is similar, but I imagine it is. you should be able to look under your bed and it should only touch at the 4 corners. you may want to remove the bed and tighten all the mounting screws. Also check and make sure the screws for the 4 leveling pucks are tight.

Also remember the PEI sheet has a tolerance on thickness that can be a BUNCH if you buy a lower quality product. I looked this morning and some have +.0762 MM($32/sheet) to +.635MM($16/sheet) they can vary! :open_mouth: