Taz 6 Motion Controlls

Hi All

I’m looking to find the Max acceleration and Max Feed Rate for xyze
also looking
jerk limits

Anyone know where I can get this information from

You can find the full Marlin info along with source for compiling your own here: http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Marlin/

Brent thankyou for the link I was not expecting a hex file ? new to this, there is a config file, to get the information im after do you think I will have to run this into a … I was hoping there was a spread sheet with this data on ?? that would be just too easy.

The config file is exactly what you are looking for. Open it in a word editor, and search for you desired setting. (In this case Max) You will want to be sure to select the proper tool head and printer combination that you are using to get accurate data.


Just loaded the config file into Notepad ++ and I can see all the settings although some are not given X Y Z ect but thank you…

No problem. In general when they are not listed (for example max acceleration) it will always be listed in this order: X, Y, Z, E1, E2