TAZ 6 "Print from SD" Menu Extremely Slow/Laggy

Hi all,

I have 2 Taz 6 printers and a Mini here at work and over time the “Print from SD” menu has gotten incredibly slow and laggy on all of these printers. I turn the knob a click or two and it takes maybe 1-3 seconds before it actually scrolls down. It is also very difficult to select the right file because of this.

Any idea what has caused this and what I can do to fix it? I was surprised that I didn’t see this topic anywhere on the forums when I searched, especially because it has happened on all 3 of our printers.

Any help is appreciated!



When the LCD starts to react a bit sluggish when going through the SD card, it is usually a sign that it is a bit too full.

I would recommend saving whatever files you have on your SD card that you want to save and formatting it to FAT32 to remove any older unnecessary files. Then load just a couple models onto it and see how it reacts.

Aha! This worked! What an easy fix, thank you so much.