Is SanDisk Ultra Plus too fast for the Lulzbot Taz 6?

Some time ago our IT guys got us some SD cards to replace the older ones that I assume came with the Taz 6 machines we have. They got us the SanDisk Ultra Plus cards figuring the faster read time would be better. However, are this cards too fast for the Taz 6 to read?

I’ve tried twice now with one card on one machine and had to restart the print because the machine ended up doing some weird things with that card in, but I’m just not sure if it’s because of the faster reading times or another issue… I will say the issues we had with the Ultra Plus cards didn’t show up again after going back to the old cards.

What size are the new cards?

I’ve had issues, usually with microSD in an adapter, with larger cards. I have a 32gb card that is known good with the Taz 6 that I use just for that purpose.

I don’t think it’s necessarily the speed or size, but one of the interface standards the card uses. I’ve had fast big cards that work ok, while older, slow cards wouldn’t and vice versa.

Speed up to 130 MB/s

One of the issues that came up (outside of what I would have called some weird mechanical issues, which have not appeared again after going back to the old cards… so I assume it had something to do with the card and reading the gcode) was when trying to print the initial skirt starts off in the wrong location/direction. Stopping and restarting the print fixed it for that job… but when trying to do that print several times over the same thing happened… along with the “mechanical” oddities.

These cards are not MicroSD so it’s nothing like an issue with an adaptor.

I have a Pixtor 32GB 80MB/s SD card and a Sandisk Ultra PLUS 32GB 80MB/s SD card both of which work in my TAZ 6. They are formatted as FAT32.

Asking if a card is too fast is like asking if your car that can go 180 MPH can drive in a 20 MPH school zone! It can just supply the information faster. The opposite condition may be an issue where the print head pauses waiting for the next line of G-Code to be read from a very slow SD card.