TAZ 6 Pro Mashing nozzle into bed, crashing on calibration block

Help. TAZ 6 Pro dual extruder. For some reason it seems to mash the nozzle into the bed first layer even as much as I adjust the Z offset. Also, on auto calibration it just crashes the nozzles into the calibration block on the bed. I’ve checked and it seems that the touch sensing is fine. I can touch the nozzle to the bed corners or the calibration block and the Z min indicator on the LCD turns green.

So why is this thing crashing on me like this? I once sent the whole print head in for repairs and it came back and it worked but I don’t understand what they must have done. And now I’m having issues again.

Did you get this resolved. I noticed you added and then deleted a reply.

The print-head has a “zero sense wire” … this is the wire that creates the electric conductivity between the nozzle and the bed washers to detect the moment when they make contact.

If repair the head in the past fixed the problem then it’s possible had a poor connection of that wire. If you look at the hexagon heat-block, you’ll see a rather arbitrary red wire attached to the side of the block … and not connected to the heater-cartridge or thermistor sensor. That’s the wire creates the conductivity needed to sense when the nozzle touches a bed washer.

However … that wire routes up to the wire harness … which routes to another harness on the back of the printer’s side panel, and then ultimately in to the RAMBo board. So there are a number of opportunities for a poor connection – or for oxidization to build up on the connectors. If there’s a connection issue beyond the wire-harness for the print-head then servicing the print-head wouldn’t resolve that. But it is easy to test the connection using a multi-meter.

But BEFORE doing any of that … you said you are seeing confirmation that it detected the touch. Did you update firmware recently and/or what firmware version are you running?

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I did get this resolved, it was simply a thorough cleaning of the nozzles.

I am running firmware version, according to Cura when I connect it to the printer that is the latest version. But then I see people talking about much newer versions.

There are different firmware versions depending on the printer. Normally to get the latest version of firmware you would download the latest version of Cura LE, connect your computer to the printer’s USB port, and use Cura to update the printer to latest firmware via: Preferences → Printers → [select the printer] → Upgrade Firmware. Let it auto-upgrade (it will pick the most recent version).

For the TAZ PRO & TAZ PRO XT the latest is

For a TAZ Workhorse or TAZ 6 the latest is as found in the latest download of Cura LE, but on the GitLab page the latest is Also, this is now “Universal” firmware … meaning you no longer need to re-flash firmware when changing print-heads; you can select the print-head from a menu option using the LCD display on the printer. (Yay!!)

For TAZ Sidekick 289 & 747, the latest version is This is a bit trickier because while there is a “Universal” firmware for these, you can configure a Sidekick 289 or 747 without the graphical LCD. You can’t pick the print-head off the menu via the LCD display when you don’t actually have an LCD display. For those who don’t have the LCD option… there are also print-head specific versions of

Yes mine is the Taz Pro so I guess this would be the latest version. I did take the steps you listed for firmware update previously and no newer revisions were installed.