Taz 6 Probing Failed


I have a Taz 6 at my workplace. Whenever I try to start a print, it says that the probing has failed during bed leveling. It starts the procedure by probing the home position. Then it attempts to wipe the nozzle but it just does that in the air. It doesn’t reach the wipe pad in the Z direction. There is a good amount of clearance between the nozzle and the wipe pad. This continues for 2-3 cycles and then I get the probing error. Did anyone of you encounter this problem? I am also pasting a link to the video so that you guys can see the issue.

Thank You


It looks like you have the Z-stop extension for the Dual Extruder V3 installed and you are using a Single Extruder. The extension needs to be removed and that should fix your problem.

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Thank you! That really solved the problem.