Taz 6 Rotary Encoder not Scrolling

Hello, I have a Lolzbot Taz 6, fitted with a dual extruder V3.0 tool head and updated with the newest firmware

Before the update, the rotary encoder on the LCD board stopped scrolling through menu items!

Thought it was the encoder at fault, so purchased a new RepRapDiscount Full Graphics board. Made no difference.

I have tested the encoder, and the square wave appears to be fine out of the encoder, when rotated. This signal is also making it’s way to the 2560 processor, at pin 68 and 69.

But still no matter what I do I’m unable to get the menu to scroll. Cables are fine, and in the correct orientation.

So I can only assume it is either a RAMBO board or the Firmware setup at fault here, not sure. The printer works fine controlled via USB, so I’m not sure if it is the RAMBO. I really do not want to purchase a new RAMBO V1.4a and find out that it is not at fault.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this issue, thanking you in advance.

Cheers Asho

Reach out to the support team at https://LulzBot.com/Support and they’ll be able to help troubleshoot this. Does the encoder work when you flash the standard single extruder tool head firmware?

Thanks Orias,

I have been in many different forums and videos trying to diagnose this issue, but yet to find an answer that fixes the issue.

Also I have been to support, and chatted with Nathan there. Although Nathan was helpful in trying to sort the issue out, he and I’m assuming Lolzbot Support are unable to work out what is causing my issue.

So I thought I would come here to see if other or one other person had this issue!

The issue started when the single extruder was fitted, and the initial firmware was loaded. I had hoped that by changing the hardware and then of course updating the firmware, that it would have fixed this issue.

I have even sent a request to the manufacturer of the RAMBO board, but yet to receive anything back from them as yet!

So as I have already replaced the LCD board including the rotary encoder, and this did not fix the problem. I’m a little hesitant to just replace the RAMBO, still thinking that it maybe still in the firmware that my fix resides.

Thank you again Orias for your suggestion, but I will keep on trying to find the exact cause, short of replacing the RAMBO. Then I will get back to this post with the fix. Not that anyone else has had this problem, but maybe it may help just one Lolzbot customer!

I am having the exact same problem. Except, mine started after a power cycle. The firmware had not been updated. I have been using the same firmware on the Single extruder for several months without issue.

Were you ever able to solve your issue?

Hi Colincci,

To be honest no it is not repaired as yet, but let me give you some back ground.

I was repairing and maintaining a 3D Printer farm for a family member, I was getting paid so that was good.

The TAZ 6 was one that resented the issue that menu items would not scroll, but did select.

So at the time, over 12 months ago now, I tested the rotary encoder switch, and it appeared to work but we got a new one anyway.

After fitting the newly purchased encoder, the problem was still there. So now it could only be the controller board, electronic plugs, and/or the cabling.

After replacing the cables and ensure the orientation of the cables where correct, I fully tested all connections and circuit board traces all the way to the CPU.

I then probed the CPU to test the clock pulse inputs that the CPU should be receiving, they all tested fine.

When I connected the printer to Cura via the USB, all worked perfectly, printed fine, tested fine, homed fine, everything worked except, there was no scrolling through the printer’s screen menu, via the rotary encoder.

So as the printer was less then 12 months old, I contact the manufacturer and they was so kind to agree that the only thing that it could not be was the controller board. So they shipped the board to the person that has the printer farm.

They contacted me via text and said they has received the replacement board, and was sending it to my home, straight away.

That was back on the 6th September 2019. No board arrived, so I still have the printer, just sitter here collecting dust, as I have enough other printers of my own, not Lolzbot to play with!

As these times are not the best, I will leave it until after we can get out and about freely, to contact this family member, and ask what they want done with this print??

Sorry I could not be more help with your printer. But the one I have 100% needs the new controller board from Lolzbot!

Lolzbot were great with helping me at the time, and they did send a new board, it is just my end that let the team down, in getting this printer back up and running, correctly!

Happy printer, or best of luck in getting your one up and running!