TAZ 6 skipping auto leveling, cleaning, and homing

I am using the dual extruder and when I do a print that will only use one of the extruders the printer simply heats up and starts printing wherever it is. It doesn’t home any of the axes or clean the heads, or auto level. When I do a print with both heads then it does all of these steps.

I am using Cura Lulzbot edition version 19.12.
I am not running any custom g code or anything, just a simple standard run.

Is there any way that I can fix this?

I like the dual head extruder, but sometimes I just want to use one of the heads, and I dont want to have to switch out heads and re calibrate every time I do that.

The auto leveling, cleaning and homing bits are in the startup gcode. You’ll basically need to extract that from the profile for the single extruder, then adapt it for use with the dual.

I am also wanting to print using only one of the extrudes on my dual head. I have added the appropriate G code to the header file to allow the auto leveling and wiping however i do not know how to select what extruder to use.

Command “T0” sets to back extruder. Command “T1” sets to front extruder.