Taz 6 stuck at top of stairs

Hi all
I had sent my taz 6 off for repair (printer port came off) and I got it back with the box terribly beaten up. The LCD wouldnt work at first, which they had us take of the side panel and the LCD ribbon was not attached. We then attached the LCD ribbon and turned the printer on. The LCD works, but the message on the LCD now says : Homing Failed, Printer halted, Please Reset.
It seems that the Z axis is stuck all the way at the top…anyone else have this issue? I have tried turning it off and on. Checked all the wires to the extruder and they seem fine.
Please help…tech support not being too helpful.

You can turn the Z-rods manually to bring it down a bit, then turn it on and see if you can move the Z axis via the menu on the LCD panel. You more then likely will need to manually re-level the X axis too.