TAZ 6 Z axis stuck at top after tall print

I printed an object that was just short of the maximum print height - as determined by the ability to load on the software without an error. The print finished fine, but the head will not descend. It grinds (groaning sound) but does not move down at all. It still moves along the X axis okay. If I try to home it, the head moves to the leftmost X axis, but groans instead of going down the Z.

There we not issues, that I was aware of, before this print.

Any suggestions?

There’s probably just no lubrication up there. Power the machine off, and add some approved lubricant on the lead screws and manually turn them both at the same time to lower it. Once it’s lowered a few inches, add lube to the top part that wasn’t accessible with the gantry up there. Power the machine up and use the manual control to move it up and down a few times.

Since it was jammed, you will need to realign the gantry to the bed.