Using the pro dual extruder on a TAZ 6

So I’m in a position to acquire a TAZ 6 for a very reasonable price, and was wondering why the TAZ Pro dual extruder isn’t listed as compatible with the TAZ 6, Workhorse, etc. Does the lifting print head feature require an additional stepper motor or servo that the TAZ 6 doesn’t have a port for on its control board? How hard would it be to get the Pro Dual Head working on a TAZ 6?

Thanks in advance.

There are some firmware considerations, you would have to build it or have someone build it for you. Using the TAZ 6 leveling and start up gcode would need to be reworked. If the board has the slots open a custom wiring harness would probably be in order.

In short it would be a lot of custom work.

Thanks for the info. I’m just getting comfortable configuring and building marlin and fiddling around with the electronics for my ender 5, so it sounds like it would be a good project to tackle sometime down the road.