TAZ 6 trouble printing --> Smarter people than me, help me out?

I’ve had a Mini v1 for about three years now, and pretty much learned how to get it up and running through tutorials and trial/error. I’ve had it working perfectly for two years (haven’t failed a print in that time) , and it’s incredible.

I recently acquired a TAZ 6 over the holidays, but am having trouble figuring out this problem. The feed rate almost seems slower than it needs to be to keep up with the movement of the tool head.

The prints that I’ve been able to accomplish more recently have been stringy, the layer adhesion is broken with just a small amount of force, and I’m able to pull the layers apart by hand. The walls are uneven and patterned with waves… I can’t say I’ve ever had this issue on the Mini, and I’m unaware on what to do to fix it.

The PLA filament I’ve used for years without trouble on my Mini feels “squishy” after printing on this TAZ (The roll it currently has on has printed on the Mini without any issues, just business as usual).

I’ve attached a picture outlining these issues, so hopefully the smart people of the internet can help me out.

What’s your flow rate in Cura? Is it 100%? On the LCD screen? What about calibration? When you push 100mm of filament through the nozzle do you extrude 100mm? What are your e-steps set to? What print head are you using?

Ah, thank you for your interest, I found the problem: the width of the filament is 1.75mm, and the machine was set to the 2.85mm.