X Axis Noise / Vibration Help?

Hey, just got my printer last week, and I’m noticing a loud vibration-like noise coming from the print head when moving along the x axis. It sounds like an old 1980’s dot matrix printer. Any ideas on how I could fix this, or is it supposed to sound like that? I’ve tried checking for any vibrating parts and made sure all connections are tight, and the noise only occurs when moving by power (no noise when motors off and moving by hand). Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a loose bolt to me. Can you tell where approximatly on the machine it is coming from (right side, left side, top, bottom, etc.) or is the sound moving with the carriage?

There are a lot of bolts, it’s easy to miss one when checking. and things often come loose in shipping.

sound is moving with the carriage. I noticed the nozzle was a little loose so I tightened the 3 bolts holding it up and that has reduced the noise a bit, but there’s still a pretty good vibration coming from it. There’s a green cylinder in front of the extruder nozzle that moves a bit but there’s no way to tighten that.

Problem solved! After all this, I decided to use a zip tie to tighten up the carriage and it worked! Haha. Smooth and quiet printer now :wink:

Are there wires attached to that green cylendar? if so, that’s probably the heater core for your extruder. if it doesn’thave any wires attached, I’m not sure what that would be. Any chance you can upload a picture so we can see if anything looks off?

Taz are good and doesnt produce much noise.