Taz 6 washer tilt?

The right side front and back washers might have a tilt causing a 1.5-1.7mm difference in the probing. For example if the right side front and back washers measure at about 5mm the left side front and back washers will measure at about 6.5mm. Using a machinist straight edge the left side appear parallel but the right have a slight lift to them. The printer has a modular heated bed with magnetic flex plate so it pulls the straight edge when checking making it difficult to tell. I removed the bed and checked for debris or obstructions but found none, but upon reinstalling the bed I noticed the the left side you have to pinch the bed and bed plate to lay the washers flat but not on the right side. Any ideas? I typically print objects that are large and the bed variance has the right side first layers looking like crap. Do I need a new bed plate? Do they make replacement bed plates for the TAZ 6? I was thinking about upgrading to linear rails for the printer but what good would it do if it always probes so differently?

Disassembled to install Y axis linear rails. Bed plate is not level. Front right corner is does not lay flat like the other three corners.

Some pictures describing your problem here would help.

I’ve seen washer tilt problems that resulted from using the rubber corners for the modular bed with the older glass bed. It doesn’t help that Lulzbot has sent out the new style corners when ordering the old ones. The new ones are noticeably thinner, so the washers don’t sit properly with the non-modular bed.