Taz 6 with HS+ 1.2mm nozzle


Just got my HS+ 1.2mm nozle only my TAZ 6. Did the following:

Selected the correct toolhead in the menu of the machine
changed nozle size in CURALE
set layer height at .8, 2 walls 2 top and bottom
Speed is about 45mm/s

Upon starting a print the extruder will bounce between 204 and 2018 when trying to hit 210 temp. It will literally overshoot and then undershoot maybe 10 times? for about 4 or 5 minutes…

First layer seems to go down - permiters look good, then upon filling the floor it starts to look a little over-extrudy. Made it up to maybe 4 layers or so the print usually starts to fail. Seems as though the PLA is just not sticking to the layer below it.

I thought maybe my z offset is too low - so the first layer is super low and at .8 jumps it actually just jumps a little too high for the 3rd or 4th layer to stick?

Does anyone have any advise with the 1.2 nozzle? Is there a CuraLE slicer setting out there?

The overshoot / undershoot temperature should be corrected with a PID tune.

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Thanks - I have made some bonehead mistakes.

The PID tune fixed the heating issue - thanks.

I was updating the speed in cura - but it was not autocalculating the specific speeds like perimter etc. Now I have slowed them down appropriately and it looks much better.

Now working on the z seam gap and other smaller things.