Taz mini wont print sample

I believe I did everything by the book, the auto leveling and nozzle cleanup worked well. But the hot end moves to the front left corner and stops. Hot end Temps hovering aroudn 220, bed around 110. The last 2 lines of code: Probing done! and echo:endstops hit: x.57 Z-.72.

Also, I just received this unit today, so Im new to this machine. The hot end stays put with the hot end ‘hot’ and bed hot for several minutes and doesnt do anything. The book mentions it may take up to 4 minutes before it starts to print, I quit at the 10 minute mark and have tried resetting everything, restarting everything, and the same thing happens each time. After the auto leveling sequence, the machine stops, temps get to around 220-230 and bed at 110.

Edit: Just loaded up a model I made up, and its doing the same thing. It does the cleaning and cal, then just sits idle. So if anyone has any idea of what Im missing, would be much appreciated.

Something to do with the G-code maybe? When I first started with the mini I couldn’t get it to print because I wasn’t using the lulzbot profiles, which adds in all the important g-code that makes it go through the motions before every print. But it seems like some things are happening if the nozzle is heating up etc. Just my 2 cents to tied you over for now, get in touch with customer support, They’ll help you for sure.

Call customer support and they can step you through it, 1-970-377-1111, Monday-Friday 7AM to 4PM MST.