TAZ Pro Experiences

I am interested to hear of others experiences with the new Taz Pro? I have done a lot of Googling and cannot find /any/ actual reviews of the Taz Pro (just spec recaps), which I find perplexing given the printer has been released for almost a month now.

Can people with a Taz Pro describe their experience and whether they are happy with the new printer or not?

I am looking forward to hopefully gaining insight from the community - from the marketing it looks to be a great printer … what is the reality?

Thank you,

Have had mine a couple of days and so far so good. First of all, the printer, documentation, parts etc are all quite beautiful. The color LCD touch screen is an excellent addition.

I have only run a couple of prints through so far. The dual color calibration test print is very impressive and am now working my way through some prints of my own that require PVA support as I could never get that to work with the TAZ 6 and a dual extruder head. I have one successful print of one attempt so am at 100% so far. Just working with default settings at the moment to remove any variables. Test continue today…

Summary: so far so good but we are 36 hours in.

The reason I purchased this now as opposed to waiting for reviews even though it is very new and untested is my previous experiences with Lulzbot support. I have a Mini that I upgraded to a Mini 2 and my wife has a couple of Minis at school - all are workhorses and Lulzbot support are always responsive and helpful. I figured I’d take the plunge as they’ll help me out no matter what.

Let me know if you have any specific questions or an STL you want to try (within reason :wink:).



Not sure if you can see properly but this is some internal PVA supports - this rectangle will eventually have a top on it. This is perfect…