TAZ Pro Filament Sensor will only trigger once per print

Not sure if this is an error on my part or an issue with the firmware. I have a TAZ Pro (currently setup with the SE 2.85mm toolhead) that is run from OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi 3B+

At present, if I have a “Filament 1 Extruder Error” during the print OctoPrint will pause the print with the extruder stopping in place (it does not move to a clear area of the bed or rise up at all). I will then resolve the filament error issue before resuming the print in Octoprint. Howerver, if another filament error occurs during that print, the printer appears to ignore the error - the print does not pause, the display does not show an error, and Octoprint is provided no indication of an issue, resulting in a ruined print.

Typically, the error is tripped when I run out a spool of filament, but if I am using up partial spools, after the first error is triggered, I have to manually watch for the end of the next spool. Worse is, if I change out for a new spool and an actual feed error occurs since I am not watching for and expecting it. I should note, that when I change out the spool mid print, I do so manually, not using the change filament option in the menu as this tends to result in the print resuming at an increased Z height, also ruining the print.

Is there a method I should employ to inform the printer the filament issue has been resolved before resuming the print so the filament sensor will continue to operate properly for the remainder of the print?