TAZ Pro - firmware update failed due to a communication error


I’m trying to swap a new head on my New to me TAZ Pro, and I keep getting a “firmware update failed due to a communication error”.

I have tried three different laptops, and 6 different cables.

I’m stuck with a paperweight at this point until I figure this out.

You can also submit issue or feature requests here https://gitlab.com/lulzbot3d/marlin2.0

It usually happens when the port is being used by another program. Make sure you closed any other program that can comunicate with the board also like repetierserver, pronterface or whatever else you have running in the background. And repetier is hard to diagnose if you have it because even if you close the program the server part is still running in the background and you have to open task manager then scroll down until you find repetier server and end task. Otherwise you won’t be able to connect to the board with any other app. I know I lost 2 days until I figured out repetier is running and hidden from plain view.