TAZ PRO FIX Stripping and Clogging Problems

For $25 in parts, the TAZ PRO can be everything you hoped it could be!

After 250+ (Edit: I just looked it was only 60) failed prints and countless hours removing stripped or clogged filament and searching for answers, I was giving up hope that I would ever see this thing finish a print. While searching the Lulzbot forum I found a user post that I cannot re-find to post on or give him/her credit, but he/she suggested that all his/her problems were thought to be “Heat Creep” and he/she was 100% correct. I tried everything different filament, settings, etc thinking there was no way that could be the problem with this amazing “Looking” printer, I was wrong. After Ty-rap-ing a computer case fan to the side of my print head I got my first successful print! (short prints like the test print and calibration always seemed to work as long as the printer was off for a while (#1 clue that heat creep was a problem))

I quickly designed and installed a new cooling fan setup for the Lulzbot Pro and it not only looks amazing but it prints that way too! See the attached files for the fix.
Download fan adapters here:

Parts needed:
8x: #4 x 1-1/4" I had to trim about 1mm off to fit right ($1 for all at Hardware store)
2x: BFB04512VHD 45X45X20MM 12V DC BLOWER 6CFM ($12ea at Digikey)

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