Taz Sidekick not available as a printer in CuraLE

I am running the latest CuraLE - 3.6.37 and I cannot find the taz sidekick printers as an option to install. Anyone know if this issue? or am I doing it wrong?

I would definitely try a complete software reset.

In order to perform a Cura/firmware reset:

First, uninstall your version of Cura.

Next, clear your cache for Cura. Ensure that this step is not skipped. It is important to the Cura reset process.

I’ll include links to instructions below.

Once you’ve done that, restart your computer and reinstall Cura LE version 3.6.37 from LulzBot | Cura

Please make sure you are installing 3.6.37.

Reflash your firmware. OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions
-If your LCD has the Tool Head menu, be sure to select the correct tool head from the available options.

Additional resources for Cache Clearing in Cura:
macOS: LulzBot | Cura-mac
Windows: LulzBot | Cura-windows