Einsy Rambo 1.1b

I’ve burned out a couple of uktimaker Rambo 1.3 and 1. 1 boards and can’t afford to Keri replacing them. I have an extra einsy Rambo from my prusa mk3s that i wanted to use. I saw online someone used an einsy Rambo on a Taz 6. So I took the drunken octopus marlin and just changed the board and the steppers and flashed it hex on the board. Everything went well except what screen to use. The one that I have that came with it turns on and says prusa and that’s it. The full graphics I have won’t load in marlin mode. So I’m not sure what screen to uncomment in the config.h file and use. Any help is welcome. My taz is been sitting for over a week and I got a bunch of filament for it to print for my voron and I wold love to finally finish it.

it may be worth looking into why your boards were burning out?