taz3 filament speed setting

I have a taz3, the knob on the front by the lcd read out, if I turn the knob to a higher % it seems to print faster, not sure if I am imagining it or not. And how do I get a speed of how fast I am printing in pronterface? Thank you…

The knob you are adjusting does control the speed/flow rate at which the printer is operating. While Pronterface does not show the current speed, you can adjust the speed in Slic3r when you generate your gcode.

Hi, I set the speed setting in Slir3r, then while its printing, I can turn the knob up to 180% and it seems to get even fast then what Slir3r was set for, like it overrides the Slic3r speed settings…

Yes, because you are printing at 180% the speed that slic3r was set for. Although I don’t know if this method will override firmware settings for maximum speed / acceleration / jerk.

should I keep the knob at 100% then?

The display shows “Fr” for Feedrate % override. By definition, this setting should only affect the X/Y/Z/E velocities, and not acceleration/jerk.

The maximum limits are set in the Config->Motion menu, and the machine won’t go past those. Ex: a 90mm/s movement from Slic3r with 250% Feedrate will result in 225mm/s, but if your Vmax-X/Y values are set at a safe 180mm/s, the knob will stop working at 200%.

General rule is to set it for 100% and only adjust it if you want to manually tweak your print. It comes handy when you want to see the difference in print quality vs speed on the fly, or slow it down in certain tricky spots without slowing the whole print down.

I understand thank you for your help!!! Have a great New Yrs…