TAZ5 control 5v heatsink fan in Marlin Firmware?


I have been searching the latest version of firmware to find where to control the two micro fans for my dual extruder heatsink.
I cannot find a PID solution or a bang bang solution :bulb:

But, where in the firmware do you control, modulate voltage to these fan’s pins??? config.h, config.h adv., pins??? I can’t find it!!! :blush:
The problem is not how to control fans 0 and 1 with the m106 s255 and m107 commands. I want to control the 5v micro fans.This fan needs to be slowed down just a hare, but it is cooling my hotend too much. This will reduce the life, and cause an inconsistent temp for printing.

Thanks Grem

Not being able to control the fan is a design flaw. :laughing: Giving less power to the fan was the objective.#less rpms is not an enormous thing to ask for.

I guess these fans are uncontrollable THROUGH the RAMBo board pins they are assigned? Right. :neutral_face:
micro 5v fan (a front facing fan) too powerful? :question: :ugeek:

Not having some way to control a vital part of a the extruder’s design is a major design flaw? :question:

Rheostat in line?

Umm… okay. If you turn off the heatsink fan, I guarantee you will need a new hotend from the filament melting in the chamber.

ENGINEERS design things for a reason. A heatsink to dissipate heat. A fan to assist because the heatsink alone can’t keep the chamber cool.

Here’s a thought, unplug the fan and run your hotend…

He posted in the Hardware section also, the exact question?