[TAZ5] noise during Z homing

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(sorry for the english I’m french)
Here we have 2 taz 5 : one had pb to do the Z homing : it used to stop after few milimeters down and doing a horrible noise. I have to shut down the printer to stop it.

I’ve think about check the difference between the left & right axis and with a caliper tryed to fix it : after a desesperate second try at the bottom of the axis it works now but in a strange way… the homing go entierly and the machine allow me to do something else now but during the Z move it continue to do a weird electronic noise during one second.

I guess my 2 z motor has not the same height ? How can I fix it very occurately ?
Thx a lot. :slight_smile:

The “horrible noise” you heard when homing the Z axis may have been caused by something preventing one of the Z lead screws from moving. With the power to the TAZ off, make sure that both lead screws turn freely. Make sure that nothing is preventing full travel of the Z axis on both sides.

Once you have determined what caused the interference and correcting the issue, you will need to re-calibrate the Z axis to be parallel to the build plate. You can use a caliper or a dial indicator. With the power still off, check the height of one side and then the other rotating one of the lead screws until you get the same height on both sides.

thx !
Both can move freely, I can’t see any problem.

You can try running the burnin gcode file in Calibration and see if it makes the noise, or put the following gcode in a file and try it.


G1 F250 Z240
G1 F250 Z2
G1 F250 Z240
G1 F250 Z2
G1 F250 Z240
G1 F250 Z20

This just runs the carriage up and down on Z.

I have seen printers that work fine at the lower speeds the code moves it at. But during Z Homing operations the Z steppers motors spin quicker and will bind. Usually due to the tightness of the X axis drive belt pulling in the back of the X end plates slightly. Adding just enough extra drag to bind the axis.

thank for all.

I’ve try to copy your code in a file and send it on pronterface :
I think it begin automatically by a homing because the head go in the front left corner and when it wants to down it stop, with the bug noise. I can’t homing at all today… :frowning:

But on pronter face I CAN move in Z top and down… Like you explained.

Is it due to the speed during the homing ? A cable weekness ? :frowning:
Can I remove the homing from the beginning of my prints ?

I just repaired one that bound during homing, and when I had loosened the drive belt and backed out the set screws on the X rods on the right end plate, then pulled ‘gently’ on the right end plate it popped about a 1/4 inch farther out and I then tightened everything back down and the Z homing issue was gone.

News front the front :

I still have the problem but during the Z down during the homing I just help manually the 2 screws to turn (I can feel it’s better for few milimeters and then I help it to turn a few etc etc ) until the print begin.
I seems to be ok during the print… strange :confused: