TAZ 5 Z homing issue

All of a sudden my Z-Axis won’t home. I’m printing from the SD card, when it goes to home the Z-Axis it makes a buzzing sound and it won’t drive down. I manually drove the z-Axis to it’s home position and I can MOVE AXIS in 1mm steps up and down without any problem, but when I try to home the Z-Axis it buzzes and doesn’t move down. I replaced the two Z-Axis steppers and I still have the same problem. Any suggestions?



If you have recently adjusted your X axis belt tension then you are causing binding on Z. If you have not then your Z driver on the Control board is probably not working well any more. Measure the Z Ref. test point on the control board and see what it reads(Located near the Z driver chip). Should read around 1.2 or more volts.

It’s reading about .85 volts…

Solved the issue after a call to Lulzbot support. Reflashed the firmware and all is now good. Wish I’d tried that before I replaced the steppers. So it goes :sunglasses: