Taz6 auto bed leveling

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the Taz 6 auto bed leveling feature. I have an old project I was printing on a Taz3 without auto bed leveling. The project was generated with slic3r software and we are printing from an SD card.

Problem: When I try to add g-code for auto-leveling to current g-code from old project it goes through auto-leveling sequence and then does not make adjustments. When I try and load the program into Cura software and run project, it does not translate. Cura does some funny things to the print and it doesn’t work.

is there any way I can apply the auto-leveling to the old project without using Cura software?

Any additional info needed, please let me know.


Does anyone know if the auto bed-leveling will work if you print off an SD card?

It will as long as the gcode on the sd card has lulzbot’s start gcode commands.

Just make sure to open Cura and go to quickprint mode and then select your filament, then go change any settings that you need to. Then save your Gcode. The bed leveling Gcode is in the filament profile.

If you don’t have access to the source STL anymore, open the gcode file in a text editor and paste in the start from a tab 6 generated file.