TAZ6/CURA LE 3.6.20 printing halts

I recently upgraded from Cura LE 3.2.xx to 3.6.20. This also required a firmware update on the printer. I did this because I found that the 3.6.20 did a better job with supports than the previous version I was using.

It works well… When it works properly, that is.
Frequently (50% of the time), the print job halts in the middle. Almost all the time it is right at/near the end of the print. But yesterday it was about 1/8 of the way through a 4 hour print job.

I never had this sot of failure with my old version of Cura LE. Is this a known issue? Is there something that the new version is doing that can result in this failure under normal operating conditions?

How are you sending the job to your printer?

There are certainly a lot of people using Cura LE 3.6.x without the issue. And since, at the end of the day, what Cura really does is slice your mesh and turn it into g-codes, I’d be looking at how the g-codes are being sent to the printer and/or what’s in the g-codes.

There are g-codes that can tell a printer to stop and wait until some condition is true (e.g. wait until some temperature is reached, etc.) So possibly it’s at one of these g-codes that makes it wait… but the condition is never true, so it never continues.

If you are printing via the USB cable (instead of the SD card) then I’m wondering if the computer doing the streaming has an issue. I use the OctoPrint plug-in (most of the time). This means Cura sends the job to OctoPrint (which is running on a Raspberry Pi) and OctoPrint streams the job to the printer. But OctoPrint lets me (using a web browser) monitor the job progress. So I can see exactly where it is in the job (layer number, etc.) and even tweak settings as it goes.

If you are printing directly from Cura then you might want to open the “Console” window in Cura to watch the g-codes and see if you can’t figure out what code it gets to when it stops.

I forgot to say, I am printing from an SD card. I suppose that it is an SD card problem, but I only recently switched to the newer Cura version, and am using all the same SD cards. I will pay attention to which card is in the machine when it fails to properly do the print job.

I can try printing from within Cura to monitor the process better…