Taz6 Firmware Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2. default e-step

I updated the formware for my Taz6 to Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2. in the latest Cura LE software. I noticed that the default e-step was about 400 and my extruder was set to 833. Is 400 something a normal default value for the e-step?

The “Universal” firmware is called this because previously if you swapped toolheads then you’d have to load toolhead-specific firmware. With “Universal” firmware you pick the toolhead model off the menu using the LCD screen.

Make sure you’ve selected the correct toolhead.

The E-steps are literally the number of “steps” that the stepper motor needs to move to extrude 1mm of cold filament. If your current tool head was 833 then it would still need to be 833.

420 is the factory default for toolheads that use the E3D Titan Aerostruder.

I selected the SE|0.50mm|NKL-PL CU thinking that the nozzle was the tool head. Stupid on my part. I assume the Standard|0.5mm should be the correct choice for the single extruder with a hardened nozzle?

If using a Mini 1 or TAZ 5/6 then I think you wanted “Standard|0.5mm”

The “SE|0.5mm” is the E3D Titan Aerostruder toolhead (except SE is the standard extruder and the HE is the hardened extruder). I think this toolhead was first used on the Mini 2 and is available for all printers of the Mini 2, TAZ Workhorse, Pro, or newer (such as the Sidekick).

It can be used on a Mini 1 or a TAZ 5/6 if you get the “Universal Toolhead Adapter”.

Thanks! Yep this is a regular Taz6