E-steps resetting


I have a number of TAZ 6’s and I have started seeing a very troubling pattern. When updating firmware, I find what the e-steps are and they are almost always a default setting; 830 or 833. Not what I have set them based on the stickers on the back of the extruder. I tell the machine to update and save the settings. Now if the machine is turned off, it reverts.

Any thoughts?

When you update the firmware the e-steps and the z-offset are reset and this is expected behavior. If you restore both and save settings (M500) then they should remain set (including power cycling). If, however, you are using the Universal firmware on the TAZ 6 and you change the tool head from the LCD, then the e-steps will be set to the default for that tool head.

With CuraLE 3.6.37 (if you create a new TAZ 6 profile) the start gcode has 4 commented lines that you can uncomment and set the e-steps, z-offset, etc.

I have created multiple profiles in CuraLE for each of my tool heads and set the correct e-steps and PID tuning for each.

Not sure how I would handle “a number of TAZ 6’s”. What are all these TAZ 6 printers connected to? Mine is connected to an RPi running OctoPrint.

We are a library system and many of our branches have one. We use CuraLE. There is only one profile. They all have the original tool head the machine came with. Each printer has a laptop to create gcode. Staff can print from the laptop or the SD card.

As long as there is a one to one relationship between a laptop and a printer, then modifying the start gcode on each laptop would be the best solution.

Otherwise, you will need to write a procedure for capturing the e-step and z-offset values before updating the firmware and then restore those settings (and save them) after the update.

I believe its only firmware updates that you have to worry about (unless operators play with tool head settings from the LCD).

I think I am the only one crazy enough to change settings. Thanks for the suggestions.