TAZ6 - HE Tool Head Swap - Digging after 1st layer

Hi There - I recently swapped my broken TAZ6 single extruder unit with the HE Tool Head | 2.85 mm | Hardened Steel | 0.5 mm unit using the universal adapter. I got everything lined up…Z axis offset and E-steps set, but after one or two layers the tip starts digging into the model like it’s not stepping up in the Z for the next layer. My first layer looks really nice.

When you say you changed your E-steps, did you change them back to around 820? If so, you will want to change them back to 420 for the HE tool head.

The instructions can be a bit muddy with this. You want to write your current E-steps down prior to flashing firmware for if/when you put your factory tool head back on the printer.

OK thanks! I was looking for the label on the tool head with the recommended e-steps. It worked better with the 420 setting.

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It’s extremely easy to check your e-steps for any head.

Would an incorrect estep also cause layer adhesion failure after the first few layers?

I had to take a break. I did adjust the Z offset to the recommended 420 for the HE tool head and printed a really nice skull. Everything looked great, but when I started my next print the first layer looks really good, but for some reason the tool head just stops feeding in filament after that, I have to tinker with the pressures on the screws probably, but if there are any other suggestions I’m all ears! Thanks!

The hardened steel nozzle has much different thermal characteristics than the usual brass/plated copper nozzles. Because of this, it has a harder time maintaining the lower temperatures a filament normally would be printed at.

We have found most filaments will need to be bumped up in temperature by 10-20 degrees or so and sometimes more. So that would also be something to test.

Printing a temperature tower may be a good calibration step.

Once again you’re tips got me up and running again. Thanks so much! I ended up running about 5 degrees hotter than the high end temp on the filament label. This works great for both PLA and ABS. I’m super happy with this new tool head and now I have this TAZ6 and another printer up and running. I’ll be in the market for third printer in the near future and will be getting another Lulzbot.

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