TAZ6 x-axis jump, Cura Beta to blame?

Was just printing up a set of hair clipper guards for a friend, and thought I’d play around with the Cura Beta for the new infills. I selected PLA, high detail, and ported the machine settings over from Lulzbot Cura. It was working pretty great, but I noticed there was a small jump on the x axis. It didn’t seem to be the straightest jump in the world (second picture is a straight on shot of one of the fork tines removed), but it lasted several layers and the print settled out after that, which led me to believe the Cura settings might have just been moving too fast for the motors to keep up. Looking at the profile, it looks like it was set to Are these flaws in line with that assumption, or is there something else I should be looking into here? The print is otherwise very good.

I have attached the mesh, gcode and cura project file for perusal.

trimmer_guard_files.zip (1.69 MB)

Looks like an axis shift. Check the x and y axis. if the pulleys have loosened at all the axis can shift when the pulley slips around the motor shaft. you can do this by homing each axis then with the motors still locked gently try to move the axis. If you have a loose pulley, tighten it up making sure that one of the set screws is on the flat cut in the motor shaft.

If all else fails, I recommend contacting Lulzbot support.