TAZ6 Z axis steppers making a loud growling noise.

Just started. I’m afraid to move them via the arrows as even one mm makes noise. Please help if you can.

Sounds like you might need to make sure that your X carriage assembly is level to the print bed. Follow these steps first then you can try to start a print.

  1. First please raise your tool head off of the bed. If it already off of the bed, go to the next step. If the Z motors are bound up and will not allow you to move the Z axis up, then please turn off the printer and manually turn the silver couplers (that attach the Z axis motors to the threaded rods), until the head is high enough off of the heat bed to do a measurement.

  2. Then measure from the top metal frame to the top of the X carriage guide rails. If either side you measure is higher than the other disable your stepper motors from the LCD display, or through the “motors off” in Cura. Then adjust the side that is higher to be equal to the other side. You can do this by turning the silver couplers that attach the motors to the threaded rods, you’ll find them inside the green housings at the bottom of each threaded rod.

  3. There is also 2 screws on the Z carriage idler and the Z carriage motor, that will need adjustment. Please follow the guide rails that the tool head is mounted on, to the assemblies that holds them in place. You will find 2 4mm Allen head screws that hold the assemblies to the threaded rods. Please loosen these 2 Allen head screws on the left and the right.

  4. After this you will need to auto home the printer.

  5. Then move the Z axis to close to the top of the printer using CURA (245mm from home) or using the LCD display (Movement > Move Axis > Move 1mm > Move Z). Then auto home the printer again. Please do this two times bottom to top and back. Then please move the Z axis to the middle of the printer. Once you have the X carriage in the middle of the printer, re-tighten the 4 Allen head screws connected to the Z nut mounts on each side.

Do not over tighten the Allen head screws. Once this is completed, run another print and see if the Z binding is decreased.

Thanks so much for this reply. With it I was able to correct the issue. The noise was really scary not having much experience with any 3D printer.

Thanks once again.