Test filament jam on new aerostruder

Everything about the install went pretty fine until it came time to remove the test filament from the extruder. I did more of a cold pull like I would do with the extruder that was on it, but clearly I should have let it fully heat and done a real quick pull on this newer extruder. Now, I’m unable to move the filament in either direction using quite a lot of force on a fully heated nozzle. I’m open to any suggestions before I start taking things apart, which I would hate to have to do on a brand new extruder.

Please disregard. I was able to tighten the hobbed bolt to the max which allowed the extruder to just barely grip the filament enough to push it through the hotend, at which point I did a much faster pull. In short this was my fault for not following the directions exactly, although a note of it in the instructions would be nice for those of us that are used to the hexagon setup which is super forgiving in this regard.
All set now!

As a side note… so far the way this thing is printing is impressive to say the least. I’m getting much better print quality than I’ve ever seen even after bumping the speed by about 20%. I’ll consider posting tests soon, but the super early results are quite good. I have no doubt that most of it comes from the reduced weight, which is the one thing that any direct drive extruder is always fighting with. I suspect they could have gone with an even smaller extruder motor to decrease weight even further, but I’d imagine they had reasons that they didn’t want to do that. I should also mention that it heats to temp nearly twice as fast as the hexagon extruder, which is handy.
Happy printing

Yeah, after more print time… I’m seriously impressed! What an upgrade, and grats to aleph objects for making it happen.
I should note that this has all been on a TAZ 6.

Thank you for the kind feedback! We’re finding that the LulzBot Aerostruder and LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder v3 give really nice prints, but do require an update to the workflow we’ve had in the past. Unlike previous all metal hot ends & tool heads where filament changes could be performed at a temperature lower than extrusion temp, the Aeros and v3 prefer to have filament removed while hot, at extrusion temp.

These new products prefer hot swaps, and thanks to feedback like yours, our documentation is being further refined. We’ve also made sure that the Cold Pull button in CuraLE is disabled when used with Aerostruder Tool Heads. Don’t forget to take a picture of your prints, we’d love to see them!