The new mini 2.1 toolhead - what kind of plug is it using

The plug on the mini 2.1 toolhead looks like it is probably similar to the pin style one the Taz 6 uses, but with a surround of some sort. Does it have a locking latch? Is that a sticker wrap and velcro at the top? or something different?

We get those from Sager Electronics, part number, 22552201 :

This is the same style connectors used on all Mini Tool Heads, 20 pin no latch. The sticker is just to help alignment as not all pins are used. You can find the data sheet here:

We hope this helps!

Take a look at 6, 37, and 38

The connector labeled as EL-MS0074 Molex - Conn Housing 20 POS 0.1 Dual Black

Looks to be the same as on the older mini, just with a shnazzy sticker :slight_smile:

Thank you both!