[Tip] Removing the auto-push "feature" of Cura

If people here are like me, you try to print a bunch of items at one time with Cura. Here’s a tip that might help a lot of you:

I discovered something awesome this morning with Cura. You know how it (annoyingly) pushes objects away if you move one object within about a nautical mile of another object, screwing up the layout of the entire “board?” Well, after editing a few python files in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_21.04\Cura\gui”, I found that it won’t do that any longer, and you have much finer control over where to place multiple items to print at one time. These are the files I had to edit:

All I had to do was to search for the word “push” and add a # in front of each of those lines. They almost all look like this (after my change):

Make sure Cura is not running before making the change, and use a text editor that handles line breaks properly (the file should look like it has “clean lines” of programming) - something like Notepad++ or Visual Studio’s editor works fine.

Man, this makes Cura so much better…

(Side note: I stumbled on some posts on the web that a version of Cura in the past had an option to disable this “feature,” but I looked through every menu and tab option on my Cura, and couldn’t find it. If yours has it, then great, you don’t need to do this. For the rest of us, this can be a huge annoyance.)