Trying to Connect Using USB Over IP

I just successfully printed my first Rocktopus using my laptop (Windows 10) connected directly to the Taz 6. Ideally, I’d like to use my desktop (also Windows 10) to control the Taz, which is located in another room. I’ve successfully been using a device much like this…

…(mine’s IOGEAR, but I believe they’re identical devices) to control both a vinyl plotter and a CNC machine (both G-code based) “remotely”, and was hoping to do the same with the Taz. Unfortunately, Cura doesn’t seem to want to connect. After establishing the connection through my USB server software, two USB serial devices pop up in Device Manager (one on COM4 and the other on COM5 - on the direct connection to the laptop, only one USB serial device shows up on COM5). One of these devices (COM4) has an error code, stating “This device cannot start. (Code 10)”. After manually directing the computer to apply the RAMBo driver to both devices, they both show up as “3D Printer powered by RAMBo” (I had to perform the same procedure on the laptop), however the device on COM4 still has the error code.

Within Cura, in the Monitor settings, after clicking the Connect button under Manual control, the message at the top of the scrollable area under USB printing reads “Connecting”, but stays that way indefinitely (clicking Disconnect changes the message to “Connection closed”). I have attempted manually setting the COM port within the Cura Machine Settings to both COM4 and COM5, but neither produces any change in results. I have also tried playing with the baud rate settings both in the Device Manager device properties Port Settings tab, and within Cura, but that hasn’t seemed to have any effect, either.

I realize my setup case is fairly niche, but I’m hoping someone will have some advice. I know others have successfully used these USB servers to control their 3D printers (of other manufacture), so I’m holding out hope for the Taz…

I was able to figure things out.

Turns out the issue was the connection with the desktop (or possibly more accurately, some kind of hitch in Cura), and was not a problem going through the USB server. I brought the Taz into the room with my desktop and attempted a direct connection, but was still having the same problem - Cura would state “Connecting” indefinitely, and not actually establish any connection. I then added a second Taz 6 to Cura, and deleted the first one (which I’d added upon install). I again manually set the COM port (which was COM6 for the direct connection), and this time was able to successfully connect.

Encouraged, I moved the Taz back into the room where I wish it to live, and plugged it back into the USB server. To my relief and satisfaction, I was still able to establish a connection (still on COM6, interestingly).

The Netgear USB over Ethernet should work… sounds like you sorted it out.

Take a look at Octoprint that runs on a Raspberry Pi. Its essentially a dedicated PC attached to the printer, but offers control and monitoring of the printer via a web interface.