Uneven layers problem

Printed quite a few things since I got my mini last week. last night I went to print and saw that it was printing quite unevenly on the first layer but was still decent. I checked the print this morning and it came out like this.

this is hips

I have the same print in abs looks exactly the same. And the bottoms of both aren’t smooth.

Nozzle cleaning needed?

I am work right now. So thanks in advance for the help.

It looks like over extrusion. Did you measure your filament diameter and adjust the setting in your slicer software?

Check what nopick said but also this could be to the fact that your first layer is too low. I had this same problem very recently and I slowly raised the nozzle from the bed until the first layer was not nearly as rough. Greatly improved the rest of my prints.

This is going to sound real noobish. I check the extrusion length and it’s way more than 100 mm. I’m using the Cura software right now. Can’t get ahold of Customer support right now. I don’t have anything to measure the filament atm.

When you command a 100 mm extrusion, you are telling the extruder to input 100 mm of filament into the hot end. Don’t worry about how much comes out of the hot end.

Purchase a caliper or micrometer to measure the diameter of your filament. You must have an accurate diameter in the slicing software to get nice clean prints.

I have had this too. Nothing to do with flow rate or E steps. It’s your nozzle size setting. Change to .4 and reprint. You will see smooth goodness.
Went through this with support over the course of about a week. I then did my test with nozzle sizes from .36 to .46.
.4 gave a very smooth horizontal surface and awesome vertical surface.