Universal Firmware Enhancements

The Universal Firmware allows one to select most of the tool heads from the LCD panel. I would like to see the following enhancements to this firmware.

  1. The ability to select the tool head with a Gcode command.
  2. The ability to save/restore E-steps, Z-offset, and any other tool head specific parameters to EEPROM when the tool head selection is changed.
  3. The ability to query the firmware for which tool head is selected.

My reasoning is that in CuraLE, one normally would have multiple printers defined for each of the tool heads. Why not have a Gcode command in the Start Gcode that selects the tool head in the firmware?

Following that reasoning, E-steps, Z-offsets, PID values may all be unique to a specific tool head (i.e. not the default values for each tool head type) so they should be saved in EEPROM and restored when a different tool head is selected.

A Gcode command to retrieve the currently selected tool head (and the tool head specific values) would be a welcome addition as well.

@b-morgan The Tool Heads currently are called out with Gcode commands and those can be found here.

If you are familiar with working on the Start Gcodes, you could input the additional 5 Gcodes from the link above and modify them to machine specific PID values.

We will keep in consideration your suggestions for future development.

IMO, these commands should be added to the Start Gcodes in CuraLE with appropriate comments. This will make it easier for users of CuraLE to make appropriate adjustments.

Some of my current tool heads won’t even successfully complete the default Start Gcode without adjustments.

IMO, this Universal Firmware is supposed to make it easier on the user, not harder. At the very least, support should create and publish a document that describes the procedure(s) for customizing / tuning tool head parameters.

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I am starting a Gitlab issue on part of you suggestion. Feel free to follow along with the progress we are making or add suggestions along the way. We will be starting with them commented out to allow a firmware update to override the values if the user does not modify the Start Gcode, but by uncommenting these values, the user can do custom PID tunes or modify the stepper current and E-steps if they feel the need to.

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I like it. I commented on Gitlab about the TAZ 6 Standard Extruder default E-steps.

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