Unknown situation during print

I’m experience a Situation where I’m not sure which path take to solve.
Attached an image.
My concern is about the lines, which seem not correct?
Thanks for any advice.

That looks like the photo from this topic:

I had a similar issue on my mini, but I ended up not needing to adjust the offset as described in the above topic. For me, the solution was to really clean both the nozzle and the leveling washers which helped the printer get better at precisely finding Z and squished the first layer lines a bit less.
I also noticed that some PLA blends are a bit more “gummy” and cause this more frequently. In particular MG Chemicals wood-filled, PLA/PHA blend, and Thibra3D SKULPT all seem to gum up the nozzle and keep the printer from getting a perfect auto-level.

Is that a single perimeter skirt? If so, it could be an indication that the initial nozzle height is too close to the bed. That looks like 1mm… typical extrusion width is 20% of the nozzle diameter (for a .5mm nozzle, it should be ~.6mm).

Anyway, check that the nozzle, wiper pad and discs are clean as mentioned by fastrobplus. Any plastic on the nozzle or discs will affect the continuity between nozzle to disc used by the auto-level.

The wavy-lines could be due to over extrusion also. Try a flow rate of 95-97%. The excess plastic along with the nozzle too close to the bed could be causing the wavy pattern.